Celebrating Me Knitting

Selfish Knitting For 2019?

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Putting YOU first on the knitting list.

We survived the Holiday Gift Knitting.  Hurray!  But what’s up next on your the needles?

Hopefully, something for YOU.

If you are a fan of social media, you probably saw the new knitting phrase that’s bouncing around:  selfish knitting.  It means to seize the day and knit something for yourself instead of knitting for others.

How do you feel about that phrase?

Me, I think the idea behind “selfish knitting” is fantastic.  We should show ourselves some knitting love and knit that sweater from Brooklyn Tweed we adore.  Or “Find Your Fade” with Drea Renee Knits.  Make something to enhance our wardrobe and to make us feel damn good about our selves and our talent.

But, why call it selfish?

Why not call it something like “self-love knitting,” or “I’m worth it knitting?” 

For me, calling it selfish to knit for oneself makes it sound like I’m doing something wrong.   Dare I say, shameful.  Like I should feel guilt because my work in progress will be sitting on MY body instead of someone else’s. 

Nope, I’m changing the narrative.  2019 will be the “Celebrate Me Knitting” year. 

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