A Year Of Handmade! In my wildest dreams…

This is the second installment of the A Year Of Handmade: Link Up Prompts- started by Rebecca Bee Designs.  She asks:

2. In your wildest dreams, where would you love to see you hobby/skill/craft take you?

Ah, I’m going to dream big here.

I want to become a knitting instructor at a really cool knitting event.  Like Vogue Knitting NYC or on a CraftCruise.  I’ve participated as a student at both of these events and they were amazing experiences!  As an instructor, I imagine it would be excellent.

To attend a class hosted by some of my favorite designers, such as Kate Davies, Ysolda Teague and Jarod Flood.

And speaking of Jarod Flood, I’d love to get in as a designer on his BT collection team.  Wouldn’t we all?  Swoon!

I’d love to publish my own knitting pattern book, something that’s a cross between Ysolda’s “Little Red In The City” and Kate Davis’ “Yokes.”

Spend a 3 months in Iceland, really getting “deep and dirty” with their knitting history and techniques.  I adore Iceland and their gorgeous yarns.

Set up a knitting/textiles museum celebrating my province’s fore-mothers’ works of craft/art.

Knitting dreams.  I am sure there are many more, but… these will do for a start.  🙂



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