A Year Of Handmade! Favourite knitting products that I often use…

This is the February installment of the A Year Of Handmade: Link Up Prompts– started by Rebecca Bee Designs.  She asks:

3. What are your favourite craft products that you often use?

I knit primarily, so I’m always scouting out for new gadgets that increase my knitting pleasure.  Here are a few that I find I use the most.


 I love the feeling of these needles in my hands.  I’m building quite a collection of them!  I recently discovered the Stainless Steel Red Circular Needles US 9 in / 2.00 mm 23 cm.  They are super handy for sock knitting!  I use 2 sets when doing the heel flap.

Knitting Stitch Dictionaries:
Ahhh, a shiver of delight.  I adore my stitch dictionaries.  There is a list of them on my “Books I Adore” page.  But here my “go to” list:

My Knitting Pot:

This is such a handy tool.  I got it at a thrift store for practically pennies.  It holds a large skein in a cake and is smooth as silk when pulling yarn from it.  Fabulous!

Glass Bead Stitch Markers:
See the stitch markers on my needles?  I just made them before I started this new design and I love the way they dangle off my project.  The weight is perfect, if I do say so myself.  They are my new favourite markers.  Up-cycled from a thrift store bracelet.

Project Bag:
Knitting is almost always with me.  I love to knit while I walk.  See it behind my knitting pot?  This lantern style project bag is great for that.  Plus I made it from thrift store curtains.  I added an interior pocket to hold folded paper, pens and knitting bits and bobs.  No zippers, buttons, snaps or hooks to snag my yarn.

I love my stash!  This year, I am going to knit from all the fab yarns I’ve collected over the last couple of years.  The cream yarn in the photo about is my Berroco Vintage.  It’s great to design with.  Not 100% wool, which is surprising for this yarn snob.  But it usually knits up like a dream.  And washable!  Wears like cast iron too.

So that’s it.  What crafting products do you use?

2 thoughts on “A Year Of Handmade! Favourite knitting products that I often use…”

  1. I also LOVE my Chiaogoos! I got a full interchangeable set for my birthday last year and use them all the time. It makes me sad when I have to Magic Loop or need a smaller circ so I can't use them. And I'm jealous of the Japanese stitch dictionaries. Those are definitely on my want list.

    I was also surprised at how much I liked knitting with Berroco Vintage. It's my go-to for baby shower presents now when the mother isn't a knitter who understands wash gentle and lay flat to dry. 🙂

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